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Darryl Anders DA5 Signature Model Bass Guitar     [ more photos ↓ ]

Darryl Anders has been a professional working bassist for more than 25 years. He's also Dunlop Manufacturing's Bass Products Manager, a role that has seen him manage and develop some of the company's most successful MXR Bass Innovations and Dunlop Strings bass products.

Anders' long career has earned him his reputation as a solid sideman with phat tone and a mile-deep pocket. His skills know no stylistic limitations, as evidenced by his work over several years recording many of the bass tracks for the popular video game series KaraokeRevolution, Guitar Hero, and RockBand. He's has held down the bass chair with funk legends Tower of Power, Meters drummer Zigaboo Modeliste, Cyril Neville, 3-time Grammy nominee Ledisi, and Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter Bonnie Hayes.
Anders is now the leader of his own group, AgapeSoul. "In each musical situation, you need reliable tools that give you a voice to help support the songs. For more than 15 years, I have used Mike Lull's custom basses to do just that! From the first moment I played a Lull bass, I knew I was home. Mike's basses deliver warm, rich tone, modern playability, super comfortable 'old School' feel."

Over the years, Anders has tried various wood combinations, pickups and preamps each yielding it's own specific character. All that experimentation with Mike helped create the DA5—the perfect balance of modern and classic.

"This bass is my voice, and I'm so proud to be a part of the Mike Lull family of artists."

      » Darryl Anders DA5 Signature Model Bass Guitar

      » Every Mike Lull bass is hand-built by Mike Lull himself

      » Built in the USA in Bellevue, Washington, just outside of Seattle

      » Every Mike Lull instrument gets a PLEK precision fret-leveling

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DA5 Features & Specs

» Black or White with matching headstock
» Maple Neck / Maple fingerboard
» Heavy Ash body
» Nordstrand NJ5s pickups
» Aguilar OBP1 preamp
» Brass Hipshot bridge
» Dunlop Super Bright Strings 45-125

Darryl Anders DA5 Signature Model Bass: More Photos


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