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Mike Lull Custom Guitars - Word on the Street

Mike Lull Custom Guitars has a hard-earned reputation for some of the best instrument builds and repairs in the entire industry. Here is a tiny fraction of our feedback through the years.

Rob Byus (Blake Shelton)

He (Mike Lull) has got some knack. I don't know how he does it, and I don't want to know. When you find a guy like that, it's the greatest thing ever. I make my living playing bass, and whether I'm on stage or in the studio I only trust Mike Lull to provide the sound and performance I need. There isn't a bass made that can match the sound, reliability, and professional craftsmanship of a Mike Lull.

— Rob Byus

Bryan Beller (Deathklok, The Aristocrats)

The most amazing thing about Mike Lull Basses - and I mean any of the Mike Lull basses - is that they feel and sound so good that they actually improve and enhance my playing. The instrument itself encourages me to do things I wouldn't do on other basses. I'm just a better bassist when I'm playing a Lull!

— Bryan Beller

Darryl Anders

This bass is amazing !! Physically the most beautiful bass I've ever owned. It's one sexy bass !! Sonically it has lots of punch and clarity in the lo mids which allows it to cut thru in a mix with out being muddy. Also the top end is very clear with a nice sheen due to the 10lbs + weight and the brass bridge. The Aguilar pu's and pre-amp give this bass a deep throaty growl like a vintage 70's jazz bass.

Bottom line... Mike Lull basses are truly my voice and this bass in particular I feel is very special. I got the same rush when I plugged it in that I got from my very first Lull bass almost 12 years ago. You keep this up I'll be broke and or divorced ...lol

Nobody makes a better bass...

— Darryl Anders

Customer Quotes

Chris Wenkle

This bass is the best one I've owned - even better than the P/J 5 that Mike build for me several years ago.  Unbelievable tone and flexibility and it just KILLS in the mix at church.  The other bass player that I trade off with just drools at the corners of his mouth when he sees and hears the TC5.

Okay---it's an addiction, but it is an addiction that has some great perks.

Please convey my thanks (again) to Mike.  His usual high standards in construction, design, and chioce of components have created a bass that is almost 'other-worldly.'

I'm one happy camper.

— Chris Wenkle, Auburn, WA

Dave Boonshoft

We are happy to have these great basses to use to show off the our pickups and preamps, as well as the amps and cabs. Every bass you have loaned us has been completely consistent and wonderful.
In all these years I have never had to make an excuse for the sound or playability, or heard a single criticism of one your basses from a customer playing one in our booth. But we have heard many compliments!

Most importantly, we appreciate your friendship.

Best Regards,

— Dave Boonshoft, President, Aguilar Amplification LLC

Josh Hicks

I picked up one of your PJ's several months ago on a whim, and it's made quite a stir! I make my living as a bass player, so I'm always looking for the best tools I can use. Having owned several basses from your most direct competitors, none have been this impressive to me. The construction is impeccable, it plays like a dream, and the tone is vintage fantastic! Did I mention how unbelievably light it is? No reinventing the wheel here; just refining a good design into something great, and at a reasonable price.

Your passion and expertise is apparent. Kudos for making a great instrument.

— Josh Hicks, duttonband.com

Matt Galando

Dude I can't even speak words to describe the guitar you built me. Holly f-ing sh*t it kicks ass. You are truly a master builder. I will never buy anything else for the rest of my life. You have taken the guitar to a new level. Thank you for your time and a great experience at your shop. If anyone thinks different they can F off.

— Matt Galando, Amps Northwest

Robert Hilliard

I received my bass last Friday. What can I say? You do amazing work. I'm already thinking about my next Mike Lull masterpiece.

— Robert Hilliard


Wow, man. Just wow. I have been getting to know my new bass over the last week, and I'm just blown away by the sound and feel of it. It's without a doubt the most expressive, versatile instrument I've ever owned. Thank you guys so, so much.

— Kevin

Ed Friedland

Just got the MV5 in last night and finally plugged it in this morning to check it out. What can I say? This bass is golden! Well, I mean besides the color. Opening the case was one of those moments where the lights got brighter and angels started singing. I picked it up and almost swooned at the 8.6lb. weight. The neck profile feels great, just a little slimmer front to back than the P5, which I love for a Jazz. I wish everyone could send out a bass setup as perfectly as this, action was right on the money, no buzzes, no fret ends sticking out - immaculate.

Playing it makes me smile! It's punchy and direct all through the neck—not a bad note on it. Slapping it, I could feel every note connect with the body - does that make sense? The notes had a foundation, not just surface tone. While I don't hear the slap tone as being as "hi-fi" as some basses, it has a punch that will get me heard. My last 5 string J was all hi-fi, glassy top end and woomphy bottom, and I could never hear a damn note I played. Not a problem with this baby. It's gorgeous too, I love the Aztec Gold, a tough color to photograph, but in person, absolutely stunning. Now that I have a P5 and MV5, it feels like life is complete... until I get the bread together for a JT5-24!

Thanks for building the basses that make me want to play. Since I got the P5 a few months ago, my collection has been gathering dust. Now that I've got the MV... well, I'd better get a double gig bag because I can't choose between the two. These basses are now the cornerstones of my arsenal.

— Ed Friedland

Anton Harridal

This is Anton Harridial of Trinidad. I recently got a Mike Lull M5V bass from Atlanta Bass Gallery (Jim Rubio). I just want to say that this is a FANTASTIC bass (and I've played some fantastic basses, so I know). The playability is EXCELLENT. The sound is exactly what I like - very tight, and well defined. The humcancelling pickups are just what I wanted as I solo the bridge a lot. It is also pretty light. As a singing bassplayer, all these features make my job easier.

Gentlemen, my right hand thanks you, my left hand thanks you, my body thanks you, and my soul thanks you. If my wife ever gets around to taking that picture of me, and my M5V, I'll send you one if only for you to see what a happy man with bass in hand looks like.

— Regards, Anton

Mark S. Amentt

Spent 5 hours on it last night.. Very yummy.. Ended up removing the pickup cover to "feel" the difference.. I may leave it off.. Not sure yet.. Love the flats on it.. The gauges I chose (while not optimum for flats.. It's sometimes better to go with heavier), make this a very "fast bass".. Comfortable and extremely playable.. It plays better than I imagined. the neck is perfect.
The weight is perfect as well and the body is extremely comfortable (it feels smaller than a regular P body.  I like that).. I'm definitely digging the look of it as well.. The clay dots are very cool against the maple neck.. BTW - you guys got the color exactly right.. It's perfect.. I've seen some shoreline gold come across as too yellow.. This is the "correct" color that gives it (in certain light) a champagne look.. 
It's funny, I never thought of (or specked out) active vs passive for this bass.. I'm glad I didn't.. It sounds vintagey and natural.. That's exactly what I was looking for.. Can't wait to play it through a bigger rig..

— Mark S. Amentt, Director of Sales, Casio / EMI Musical Instrument Division

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