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Mike Lull Custom Guitars - About Us

Mike Lull Custom Guitars hand-builds bass guitars and electric guitars and we perform all types of guitar repair and luthiery services for customers in the Seattle area from our shop here in Bellevue.

Our work is renowned the world over and is based on Mike's long reputation of outstanding craftsmanship.

About Mike

About Mike LullMike Lull's Pacific Northwest roots run deep. In 1954 he was born 50 miles east of the Pacific Coast in the valley of Eugene, Oregon. Five years later, his family moved north to Bellevue, Washington—a newly incorporated small city just ten miles east of Seattle and its thriving music scene. Mike couldn't have known it then, but this move to the Puget Sound area would eventually shape his life as a musician and luthier in immeasurable ways.

In 1970, when he was sixteen, Mike took his first job repairing guitars for a local guitar shop. There he was able to cultivate his gifts and talents, while building the solid foundation that he needed to become a luthier. Soon, word got around that Mike did exceptional work and he developed a positive reputation among local musicians. As his positive reputation grew, so did his dream of opening his own business.

Open for Business

This dream became a reality when, in 1976, he opened Mike Lull's Guitar Works in his hometown of Bellevue.  About Mike LullHe was just twenty-one at the time and at the beginning of what would quickly become a successful, lifelong career. Over the next few years his business grew wildly—especially when he started building his own custom basses and guitars. That was when his now-legendary fretwork and fine-tuning started to attract the attention of artists from many musical genres, including jazz, pop, metal, classic rock, blues and country—to name just a few.

Excellent Craftsmanship, Worldwide Reputation

Around the same time that his business started taking off, Mike became a working bass player in the Seattle music scene. His experiences as an active musician helped him to further develop his unique understanding of playability and tone, which eventually inspired him to launch the Mike Lull Custom Guitar and Bass lines in 1995. Since the launch of these two lines, Mike's business has continued to grow and he has created and repaired instruments for thousands of artists from around the world, including Randy Jackson, Bob Dylan, Heart, Queesnryche, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, Willie Weeks and Mike Merrit.

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Mike Lull Custom Guitars - Proud Member of NAMM

We Build Basses and Guitars

Mike Lull Custom Guitars manufactures world-class bass guitars and electric guitars from our shop in Bellevue, Washington - just across the lake from Seattle.

Browse our instruments pages and don't miss our Custom Builds Gallery or our Signature Artists section, where we highlight our proud association with renowned bassists like Jeff Ament, Bryan Beller and Tom Petersson.

Guitar Repairs and Upgrades

We restore, modify and repair all kinds of acoustic guitars, electric guitars and basses. From pickups to pickguards, we've got you covered. See our repairs page for more.

PLEK Pro Precision Fret Leveling

Get your guitar or bass into amazing playing condition with a PLEK Pro fret leveling, which can adjust frets to within .001 inch, resulting in incredibly smooth playability.

Have Questions?

Despite our decades of expertise, our shop isn't an intimidating place to visit, so whatever your experience level we welcome you to come to our shop during office hours and we will be more than happy to discuss your instrument with you. That said, we're proud to note that we've worked with some amazing artists over the years. At Mike Lull Custom Guitars, you get the best of both worlds: a world-class, professional guitar shop with a friendly, neighborhood atmosphere.


To this day, Mike continues to hand build and test each and every bass and guitar that leaves his shop. He works with each customer creating a custom instrument to fit their individual needs and desires.

Mike continues to play bass professionally and is currently gigging with three different local bands. He has been married to his wife Julie (music degree from Vassar — guitar, flute, keyboard) for 23 years and has 4 children. Bellevue is no longer the small city that he moved to in 1959, but he still calls it home and works directly out of his storefront and shop on Northeast 20th Street.

Our Crew     [ click to enlarge ↓ ]

Tom Albert assists Mike as fellow luthier, with help from Gehrig Uhles and Garret Riley. Paul Schuster tends to sales and operations as General Manager.

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Tom Albert
Paul Schuster

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